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As we grow up, it only makes sense that our art does, too.  We experience the muck and the stars, and all that experience, if constructed properly, can become something truly beautiful.  Such is the case with the music of Danny and Caroline.


From their early beginnings as the Bee’s Kneez, the husband and wife duo, Danny Golub and Caroline Couture Golub of upstate New York, have always maintained a strong and charismatic presence.  Harmonies and hearts connecting, our singer/songwriters showcase exactly who they are.  Danny, best described as soulful and gritty, converges with Caroline, who brings both sass and calm.  


Taking chances with their sound and influences, Danny and Caroline’s music continues to evolve with them.  A mixture of indie rock, jazz, pop, and soul — their music can be difficult to categorize.  With subtle vocal hints reminiscent of a vintage Norah Jones and Tennis, the fun and lovable presence similar to Matt & Kim, and evocative lyrics like those of The National, their music refuses to fit into any one box.  Precisely the reason why we love it.


Danny and Caroline’s previous album, “Beauty and the Beard” was a blend of introspection, punch, and above all — candidness — an album where nothing was left unsaid.  Within the first 40 seconds of the opening song, “Fine On My Own,” it was immediate that the album revealed a narrative of experience beginning with attitude and confidence and moving inward with great vulnerability.  By the third track, “Why You Gotta (Sad Defense),” the walls come down.


Danny and Caroline speak to the truth about love and all its complications: “Another fall from grace and back to you.  You’ll tell the truth.  You’ll tell a lie.  You’ll say anything to make it right. [...] I’m not tired of you.  But I’m sick of your sad defense.”  As an album, “Beauty and the Beard” expressed a vivid look into those early moments of love (“OMG You’re Killing Me”)  when everything seemed right, to those that became full of uncertainty (“Stay Or Go”).  “Beauty and the Beard” has proved to be expertly-paced, mesmerizing, and devastatingly realistic to the human experience.  No doubt a recurrence we can expect in their forthcoming album.  


Of course, while love will always be a large theme of influence echoing in and out of Danny and Caroline’s music, their upcoming album ushers in a new range of creativity.  Whether it pertains to a lurid affair from their favorite television show, or plotting revenge against former friends (“Fire”), their music incorporates inspiration from every facet of their lives.  Songs from the new album, “Pretty Little Things” and “West Coast Weather,” demonstrate just that, conveying a matured and above all, resonant sound.   


Danny and Caroline’s eclectic music and contemplative subject matter are woven intricately from one track to the next — coming full-circle as we meet back at track one, ready to listen all over again.


by Kacy Muir.


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